With petrol prices skyrocketing, are Electric Cars the wave of the future?

Australians have historically been well-known for our love of gas-guzzling vehicles, perfect for our adventuring, outdoor lifestyle. But with fuel prices hitting record highs in recent weeks, even the most diehard fuel enthusiasts are likely to be looking for alternatives. So are electric cars the next big thing for Aussie drivers?

Right now, Australis is home to a $40 billion fuel industry, with the biggest product being petrol, followed closely by diesel. The fuel industry doesn’t seem too concerned about their profits being wiped out, with Apol CEO Matt Halliday stating recently that fossil fuel is likely to make up 90% of road transport fuel in 2030. 

Australia’s landscape is one part of this problem. Unlike places where local centres are close together, with smooth and easily traversable roads, Australia is a beast of a country, where you often drive for hours before seeing another human face, or a petrol station. 

Australia also relies heavily on road transport to facilitate our supply chain needs. We don’t have a particularly robust railway system, which means that fossil fuel companies still have that reliable source of income.

The third part of this issue is politics. EVs have become startlingly political, with members of the liberal party accusing Labour’s interest in funding EVs as a ‘war on the weekend’. This means that the car you drive can be seen here as far more than just a practical choice. It’s a political statement, and in a country as deeply politically divided as Australia, we are unlikely to see EVs taken up widely in more politically conservative communities until political messaging changes.

The political messaging and lack of vehicle emissions standards from Australia was not ignored by car manufacturers either. In response to massive global demand, companies like KIA, BMW, and Hyundai are making EV’s a mainstay of their new vehicle offerings, but Australia is pretty low on the list of where they are being supplied. Our government has made their disdain clear, and because of that, the many Aussies who want to buy EVs now are struggling to do so. Companies simply aren’t sending them into the country. 

Looking at the public interest in electric vehicles, it’s interesting to note the lack of innovation and change that fuel companies have committed to, but it’s not surprising. Charging stations for EV see customers parked up for more than 4 times longer, with a significantly lower spend if any at all. 

So are Electric Cars the wave of the future? Internationally, the answer is a resounding yes, but here in Australia, the answer is a little murkier. Several factors contribute to their far slower take-up here including the current government. What is clear is that the demand is higher than ever. Many people are trying to purchase electric cars but currently cannot because companies aren’t importing enough to Australia. 

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Posted in Latest Posts on Apr 15, 2022.