5 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Mechanic in Brisbane

It’s really difficult to hand over your car to a mechanic, particularly if you’ve never worked with them before. Your car is probably your main form of transport. With it, you are independent and can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Entrusting a new mechanic in Brisbane with your precious vehicle is nerve-wracking, but asking your new mechanic a couple of questions helps to allay your fears. You want to know that your car is in good hands, and with the five questions below, you’ll quickly learn whether your new mechanic in Brisbane is trustworthy. 

1: What certifications do you have? 

A well-rounded mechanic will be certified in their trade from an institution with high standards. A good qualification and several years of experience are ideal when choosing a mechanic in Brisbane. A good mechanic is also retested regularly to make sure they're caught up with the best practices in the industry year on year. Mechanics at Pearson Auto bring a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to their work, every day. 

2: Can you explain all of my repair options? 

Usually, there is more than one solution to any service or repair problem. Unfortunately, some mechanics prioritise their profit over your overall experience and quality of the repair. You should ask your mechanic about all potential repair options and ask them to explain each one thoroughly. Don’t be shy to ask for more information if you don’t understand straight away - not everyone is an auto expert, which is why we’re here! Your mechanic should be happy to help you understand the pros and cons of each repair option and what they recommend for you. If you want some tips on how to find a service quote you can trust, click here. 

3: Can you create a maintenance plan for me? 

A good mechanic in Brisbane won't just want to repair your car, they’ll want to maintain your car to keep it in the best possible condition. Ask your mechanic to create a maintenance plan for your vehicle then compare this to your manufacturer’s recommendations. If they’re fairly similar then you’re probably in good hands. Remember, if you have an older vehicle, there may be some difference between the manufacturer's recommendations (which are for a new vehicle) and what your new mechanic recommends. 

4: Can I see my old parts? 

If you need to replace a part on your car, as your mechanic to return the old parts to you in the box of the new part. This is educational, as you’ll be able to see the before and after effect. Also, it ensures that the part was replaced. Some mechanics bill you for part replacements that are never actually done. The part might be too big or messy for you to take with you, but you should be able to see it nonetheless. If your mechanic refuses, think twice about using them. 

5: Do you offer any warranties? 

A great mechanic in Brisbane will give your guarantees on the products and services they provide. Before you start repairs on your car, ask your new mechanic about their warranty options. Shops that are confident in their work and their technicians offer guarantees. Those that don’t, well, usually aren’t! 

A well-rounded mechanic in Brisbane should answer all of these questions to your satisfaction and is worthy of your trust. Pearson Auto is run by experts in auto mechanics and stands by its technicians. We have decades of experience in the industry and we want to empower you with a safe and reliable vehicle so that you can give life horns. Give us a call to discuss your concerns, or book a service or repair today to get your car back in shape. 

Posted in Latest Posts on Apr 15, 2021.