What’s the real purpose behind the ‘baby on board’ signs in car windows

You have no doubt seen plenty of cars in your life sporting the iconic yellow “baby on board” window sticker. You might think it’s cute, or a little annoying, and you might take it as a sign to drive extra carefully. There are real practical reasons why people use these signs, and they may surprise you. 

Parents are warning you

If you’ve never driven with a baby in the car, then you may not know just what a headache it can be. With the screaming, crying, throwing up, and all sorts of other distractions, driving with a baby can be downright dangerous. 

Many parents say that the “baby on board” sign is a warning to keep your distance, not for the babies safety or even the parents so much as for your safety. If you make one 

dangerous move on the road because you’re getting impatient or your maybe just aren’t thinking about it, that could spell disaster for all of you. 

Parents are alerting emergency services

This reason actually started as an urban legend, became a marketing ploy, and now is so ingrained in our minds that many parents are using the sign for this reason. If parent’s do get into any kind of accident, it’s critical that emergency services know that there is a baby in the car. 

Even with their bulky car seats, babies are small, and serious crashes might leave them obscured from the view of rescuers. That simple yellow sign lets emergency services where their attention is needed quickly. It’s not an official emergency service practice, because the signs are not explicitly designed for emergency services, but they can still be enormously helpful.

Parents are calming their own nerves

Being a parent, especially a new parent driving around with a baby, is stressful. Driving might feel more dangerous than it ever has before, and parents will often feel that they need something to alert the world of the chaos and uncertainty going on in their own cars. 

Many people who see baby on board signs report feeling annoyed, as if parents are trying to say that their cars and their safety are more important than anyone else on the road. This is very rarely the truth, however.

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Posted on Oct 15, 2021.