6 Car Myths Busted by a Mechanic in Brisbane

6 Car Myths Busted by a Mechanic in Brisbane 

There are loads of car myths that you’ve probably laboured under for far too long. From car care to servicing to warranties and everything in between, the average person holds several beliefs that are not true and may even be harmful! In this article, enjoy professional advice from a trusted mechanic in Brisbane on the car myths that you can discard today. 

Without further ado, here are six car myths that you might be believing: 

Car Myth #1: Cars Need to Warm Up 

So many people believe that their cars need to warm up for a few minutes before they start driving. But is it really true? Most times, it's not necessary at all. The time it takes you to get in your car, put your seatbelt on, and set your phone down is usually enough to warm up the engine. 

Moreover, modern engines warm up quickest when in use, so hitting the road is the best way to warm them up. Why all the fuss? Well, warm engines perform better, so it is good practice to get them warmed up. This probably just takes less time than you think. 

However, cold weather conditions can be the exception. You might not be able to start driving immediately to warm the engine, maybe because you need to increase visibility (condensation and ice are huge culprits). Whilst idling isn’t great for your fuel consumption, it’s always safest to have full visibility when driving. 

Car Myth #2: The Best Tyre Pressure is Printed on the Tyre 

Yes, the side of any tyre will have a printed number that expresses tyre pressure. But, this is not the ideal tyre pressure for your car, it’s the maximum! Your owner’s manual will list the ideal tyre pressure for your car; inflating to the maximum can make your car harder to control. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, try googling your car make, model and year for an online version. 

Pro tip: check both axles as the rear axles often require a different tyre pressure to the front axles. 

Car Myth #3: Seasonal Services are Necessary 

There’s another myth that is often spread by mechanics themselves, and that is that every car needs a seasonal service. Some mechanics advertise winter and summer services, claiming that your car needs to be “prepared” for winter. Usually, this isn’t true. 

If you have a reputable mechanic in Brisbane and you’re maintaining your car regularly, you probably won’t need a seasonal service. Most modern cars can cope with seasonal changes without major preparation. Just stick to your car's recommended maintenance plan! 

Car Myth #5: Car Servicing Outside Your Dealership Always Voids Warranty 

This one is tricky to navigate because every car, dealership and warranty is different! Your dealership will, of course, encourage you to visit authorised car service centres for your maintenance. However, you won’t necessarily void your warranty if you go to another reputable mechanic. 

Check the specifics of your warranty - it might say that you can go to a reputable mechanic in Brisbane, given that they uphold certain standards or have certain credentials. 

Just be sure to maintain your car according to the owner’s manual and record all documentation properly. Inaccurate record-keeping can definitely void your warranty because you won't be able to prove that the work was done. 

Pro Tip: All factory-issued recall works have to be done at the dealership or authorized service centre. Definitely follow the dealerships instructions for this! 

Car Myth #6: Premium Fuel Makes Your Car Perform Better 

This one is true depending on your car! If your manufacturer specifies that your car requires premium fuel, then definitely follow this instruction. 

If it's not specified, however, then the performance of your vehicle may or may not change depending on the fuel. You will have to test your cars performance with premium and non-premium fuel and decide whether the gains are worth the extra cost. 

Well, there you have it! These six car myths are officially busted. You can always trust Pearson Automotive, a service centre and mechanic in Brisbane, to bring the best info to your device. Check out our blog for more great articles about car care and servicing! 

Posted in Latest Posts on Jan 13, 2021.